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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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through an oakland warehouse.. killing 36 people inside.. the atf has ruled out one cause.. now their in now a a being since a fire killed 36 people in an oakland warehouse the atf has ruled out one cause. now the investigation continues tonight in the rain. >> and rain has been falling all day across the bay area. a massive tree fell on highway 13. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. >> it fell a few hours in the southbound lanes of 13 in piedmont just past moraga avenue. kpix 5's jackie ward reports. >> reporter: brian, i'm standing on highway 13 southbound right now. that's not something you can do every day. and this tree is just massive. so chp in oakland says this embankment to my left here is
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what caused the tree to snap. it fell across all lanes of southbound highway 13 even toppled across the median and on to the northbound side of highway 13. talk about bad luck turning into good luck. of course, the bad part of this is you're driving along and a tree falls on your car. so incredibly good luck part of this is that the driver walked away unscathed. when chp oakland arrived on scene officers say the man was calm and uninjured. he couldn't climb out of a window so they started breaking branches so the driver could open his door and he got out. oakland fire examined him, gave him the "all clear" on the medical front and have taken him to bart because he refused any medical treatment. so the driver told officers that when he saw the tree falling, he slammed on his brakes. chp believes that rain is what caused this. because of the drought, roots
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just can't absorb water. so that's what caused this massive tree completely uproot and fall over. but still, this man could have died. his car was destroyed. it's a miracle he is alive. jackie ward, kpix 5. on the traffic theme traffic is diverted off the great highway in san francisco because of flooding closed between lawton and judah, no word on when it will re-open. everybody was prepared with umbrella in downtown san francisco while puddles filled the street along market this afternoon. bart experienced delays of up to 20 minutes because of the wet weather. this is the station in fruitvale. you can see it's pretty much empty. people braved the elements and walked in the rain without an umbrella. that's brave. you will be umbrella-free by tomorrow even as we show you the low that gave us more than 2" of rain is heading south now. hi-def doppler shows the heaviest downpours slamming into the sierra pushing into
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the south bay. it was flat-out rain this afternoon. it's scattered showers now. up north there's not much left. we'll have a chance to drain and dry tomorrow but there's more on the way. the forecast will coming up in a few minutes. today is a week since the oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people. and while people are mourning the deaths, investigators are trying to piece together what sparked the fire. kpix 5 reporter da lin takes us inside the burned-out warehouse. the weather was far from ideal for atf agents. it rained most of saturday. at times the agents struggled to take measurements in the rain. they spent most of the day in their mobile command unit drawing up a diagram of the inside of the warehouse. they are reconstructing the scene before and after the fire to try to pinpoint the cause. they know it's not a refrigerator as previously speculated. so they are checking other appliances, outlets and power
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cords. as atf agents cleared out their equipment, we are getting a better view of how artists and musicians lived here before the fire. these were some of the propane tanks they used to heat up water and cook food. a bike placed right next to what appears to be an rv. a couple of fire extinguishers near the front entrance. and a badly damaged staircase between the first and second floors. >> as an artist, i wanted to come out and give the families a tangible thing that they could relate to or connect with. >> reporter: several south bay artists placed pieces of art near the warehouse. >> we built a cement block and we posted the tree into the cement block and made stainless steel heart leaves with the names of all the victims. >> reporter: several miles away at eli's mile high club, a fundraiser to help survivors who are now homeless. people dropped off bikes and clothes. >> the people that need a lot are the survivors and the familiar there's were in ghost ship. >> reporter: back at the scene,
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atf agents say by sunday, they should be done with creating a diagram of the warehouse. we're not sure if the rain will delay that timeline. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. while the families of the victims are grieving, later there could be lawsuits including against the city of oakland. it's becoming clear through complaints to multiple agencies that the city knew it was a problem and no inspector had been in the building in 30 years. still, a man who is an expert on suing the government says california law protects the city from liability in this case. >> the reality is for more than 100 years, the california government code has said -- and this applies to this tragedy in oakland -- that there are a host of things you can't sue us for. you can't sue us for doing a bad inspection or not showing up. >> in california, people can't sue the government for failing to act on private property. but it's still possible that political pressure could lead to some sort of settlement. the 36 victims have all been identified and only one
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lived at the ghost ship. cate caugiran has his story. >> stories and he always had a lot of information about a lot of things. i felt like he could probably relate to anybody. >> reporter: pete wadsworth was known as an intellectual by his friends, an eccentric and caring man. >> i would casually mention that i was going to a city, i won't be home and i would arrive at that destination with an email from pete with the five restaurants that i should visit like the three people who he thought i would get along with and, like, emergency numbers. >> reporter: she and her husband kevin first met pete three years ago when she became his roommate in san francisco. >> he did everything that he could to try to make me feel comfortable. he was always reminding me that he was happy i had moved in. >> he was always striving to have people talk and create a home. >> reporter: he studied psychology at harvard and was creative which made it no surprise to her when he decided
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to move into the ghost ship warehouse earlier this year. >> i was pug him out, a larger gentleman -- i was pulling him out, a larger gentleman and there were a lot of flames. >> reporter: his ankle was broken asking for help. bob told us he tried to save him but he couldn't. >> there was smoke and i had this [ censored ] -- i had to let him go. >> reporter: bob said he had to let pete go. >> all our communities need people like pete to bring our communities together. >> when we lose anybody it's a loss. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. donations have been pouring in for those who died in the fire. fundraisers hosted by have topped a million dollars. distribution of the funds to the loved ones of fire victims will begin in the next few days. we'll have continuing coverage of the fire on air and online at it was a deadly morning on
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san jose streets. police are searching for the drive in a hit-and-run accident near east heading and north 15th streets around 3:00 this morning. police believe the victim was in the street when he was hit by a vehicle. but the driver of the car apparently took off from the scene. paramedics tried to revive the victim. he died on the scene. this is san jose's 42nd deadly accident this year. a driver was killed in a crash early today on the peninsula. it happened on 101 southbound in san mateo just after 3 a.m. three people injured in addition to the person who died at the scene. investigators think a driver was driving under the influence of alcohol. they also think that wet weather was a factor. this crash happened in the east bay just after 11:00 this morning. two cars tangled up one ended up completely turned around on 580 eastbound in oakland. and it's likely rain was a factor here, as well. traffic is flowing again through a san francisco intersection that got hit with a water main break. cars are moving normally at 4th
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and howard in south of market neighborhood. this after crews worked all day friday and into the morning. first they had to fix the broken pipe then repaired the road. last night workers stood inside a hole to shore up soil around the water main and later, they poured concrete. the city's puc still plans to do some final paving work sometime during the coming week. nancy pelosi is back in the bay today. how she's fighting for more gun control. >> and president-elect donald trump closer to nominating the secretary of state. we'll tell you who is in the running. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hook elementary school. 20 children died that day.. today.. at saint luke's episcopal church in san this week marks four years since the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school. 20 children died that day. today at st. luke's episcopal church in san francisco a vigil was held to honor children and raise awareness of gun
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violence. >> a big turnout here today shows that the -- that we are not going away and that we'll fight until we can get gun control laws passed in the congress. >> a bell was running as the names of each of the children were read. democratic house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke at the event and she has been a strong leader and champion of gun control as you just heard. according to what nancy pelosi says there have been more than 200 school shootings. brian. >> there have been indeed more than 200 school shootings and 1400 mass shootings, as well. president-elect donald trump is moving closer to nominating the ceo of exxonmobil to be the secretary of state. at the same time, trump's transition team is challenging intelligence from the u.s. that russia allegedly tried to sway the election. cbs reporter wendy gillette reports from new york. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump's transition team disputes an intelligence assessment that russia tried to
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get mr. trump elected. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the news was first reported friday night by the "washington post" after the cia shared the secret assessment with a group of u.s. senators. the transition team released a statement saying, these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction! the election ended a long time ago." >> the transition team and trump himself are going to view this through a partisan lens regardless of what the results are. and they are going to say this is an attempt to delegitimize his win. >> reporter: saturday, mr. trump met with exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson for the second time. cbs news has learned tillerson is mr. trump's candidate for secretary of state. >> he is a great man. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: an announcement will be next week. the president-elect left his home here in new york city early saturday afternoon for down time to enjoy one of the country's great college football rivalries. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the president- elect sat for party of the army- navy game in the box of west point graduate david urban.
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he also spent time in the box of retired marine lieutenant colonel oliver north an annapolis graduate. he gave an interview to cbs sports. >> just love the armed forces. love the folks. the spirit is so incredible. >> reporter: mr. trump also said he was neutral on the outcome of the game. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. so far mr. trump has not formally offered rex tillerson the secretary of state job. he rose to prominence before becoming ceo off the exxonmobil. authorities believe at least a blast in istanbul was a suicide bomber. 70 people were taken to hospitals but the blast went off after soccer fans went home and officials believe police were the tarrant. no word on who was -- were the targets. no word on who was responsible for the attacks. why santacon took a break from the north pole. >> in the bay area it's not feeling like the north pole but
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as we look toward the golden gate bridge, look at that, what a stunning sight. the fog pouring through, the twin spires of the bridge and we'll have the forecast and see how much rain is ahead after a break. >> whoo, rudolph's nose! ,,
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♪[ music ] well, the rain didn't appear to dampen people's spirits today during san francisco's annual santacon. people in santa hats and other christmas clothes are hopping from one bar to another starting this afternoon in union square and eventually reaching south of market. and it's a freewheeling "celebration." >> you see the people out here, they are clearly enjoying themselves. i feel that our communal spirit of business can lift [ indiscernible ] >> participants made donations for a toy drive by the san francisco fire department. the santacon will keep going until 2 a.m. california's coastline boasts breathtaking views but
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some popular spots near big sur won't be accessible to the public soon. the pico blanco trail, pine ridge, sykes campground will be closed through december 4 next year. they are heavily damaged by the soberanes fire a few months ago and they are still not safe for visitors. all right. on the subject of weather, boy, when it rains it poured in part of the bay area for the past 24 hours. it is coming down hard. but finally it looks like we are going to get a break as the brunt of the front now moves south. and we are going to slowly clear it out and get some sunshine tomorrow. let's revisit what we showed you at the time beginning of the show. rain and snow over the pacific northwest as that front heads south through the bay area. and there's the latest. it's just south of carmel now past lovers point and down to big sur and then good showers up by the sierra. in fact, there's a flood warning posted for the truckee river as you will see in a minute. south bay a still few lingering
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showers. but not much. in the north bay, just about done. going to mostly cloudy skies. the golden gate spires just piercing the blanket of fog. not too much in the way of rain on the roadbed. concord, oakland, livermore, san jose all within a few degrees of each other in the upper 50s and low 60s. we get a break from the rain tomorrow, sunshine coming up. but more is on the way come tuesday. late monday, tuesday, but we didn't do too badly over the past 24 hours. half inch at livermore, oakland more than an inch. san francisco .84. san jose .38." kentfield 1.97" of rain. [chuckling] as per usual. in san rafael half inch. napa almost nine-tenths. concord six-tenths of an inch of arena. here's how it looks. futurecast, gone, like a well delivered bat to a baseball.
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we have mostly clear skies to start out sunday morning. as the day goes on, it looks like it should be mostly sunny but i don't believe that. i think there will be clouds around tomorrow. and a few high clouds approach from the north by this time tomorrow night. here's what we're expecting a few lingering showers tonight. ergo, this rainy looking background. but tomorrow will be clearing and dry and then a dry start to the workweek. rain will return late monday and it looks like a pretty good rain event. oh, a rain event! coming in on late monday and tuesday, and more rain on thursday and friday. truckee low lying flooding with the river cresting above flood stage right about now. it will ease up tonight in the sierra, as well. 49ers taking on the jets and, um, that's a game tomorrow 1:05. we are broadcasting that on kpix 5. sun and clouds cool 55 degrees. but if you want something other than football to kick around tomorrow, how about some ice skates at the holiday day ice rink at the embarcadero in san francisco? also in san francisco, at union square. it will be sunny tomorrow for
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walnut creek on ice with some ice skating in marin, in san rafael, and 57 degrees and we'll close it with san jose, clearing skies tomorrow 58 and you can also take out the old ice skates. travel weather forecast out of the bay area, cloudy for the most part but no rain tomorrow. partly cloudy really. overnight lows tonight will be in the upper 30s and low 40s. sun-up at 7:15 a.m. for tomorrow the numbers will be mid-50s with more sun. extended forecast, continuing sunshine and some clouds on monday. but tuesday we get hit again and then we'll have on-again, off-again rain through thursday before we clear it out for the weekend. ladies and gentlemen, that's your weather forecast. as for sports, here's vern. >> with no sound effects? and there he is! >> absolutely. >> sit back, relax, folks. i got the sports day laid out for ya, including jim harbaugh, who was at it again with his harbaugh-isms. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here we are on the eve of its game with the jets... ...slight favorites to win. we have the frivolity of college football in a bit but up top the nfl and the 49ers. here we are on the eveof a game with the jets and 49ers. we have that on kpix 5. bryce petty is the quarterback going forward. four weeks four games with a second year man to audition for next season ryan fitzpatrick ryan's replacement has gotten the attention of the veterans on the team.
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>> last year he was fat, overweight, i'm being honest. he was fat and overweight. fitts picked on him all year. now i can't beat him in. his body has changed. he is ripped up. he has abs and he is focused. >> then there's the raiders! off until next sunday, after that hiccup in kansas city when tyreke and the chiefs took it to the house. the raiders allowed 212th quarter points and ran out of time on a 21-13 loss. look at the breakdowns under the lights a national audience on thursday night football. the loss huge because it knocked oakland from the top seed to the fifth if the play- offs started today. did the raiders wilt under the pressure? arguably, its biggest test in 14 seasons. >> people could point and say this is the only big game we have had. they are all big. tell me when it's not big. you know? so we have had a lot of big games. and they just keep getting bigger the more you win.
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>> chargers next sunday. jim harbaugh's michigan wolverines on the outside looking in from the four-team play-offs. the loss at ohio state did them in. so this is jim harbaugh we're talking about here. so leave it to the coach to handle it with a quote from an old scottish sailor. >> as for andrew said, on me man strander said i'm a little hurt but not slain, i'll lay down and bleed a while and then i'll rise to fight again. >> he left out the part where sir andrew died in the battle. the wolverines will see this later this month. that's the florida state seminoles. in the orange bowl, harbaugh was fixated on the seminoles' mascot entrance. >> i'm going to get some chills i know when appaloosa comes riding out there and, um, is he going to do it? did he do it at the bowl game? >> i don't know. >> probably will. >> i guess. every bowl game allows it. >> you have our permission. i want to see that. [ laughter ] >> that is a cool -- that's one
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of the coolest things. >> it is. >> a lot of teams got cool things. >> sounds like a good idea to me. >> like you say at the top of the broadcast, president-elect donald trump and the cbs broadcast booth for the annual army-navy game. early 4th quarter navy on offense and look at this tough get off me run by zack abby. 41 yards scoring play for the middies quarterback. gave them a 17-14 lead. now, army had lost 14 straight times to navy. not today! ahmad bradshaw willed his way in. biggest 8-yard run of his life. army defeated navy 21-17 for the first time since 2001. nba and the warriors currently are running at the memphis grizzlies. moving pictures on the late show. this is last night. the warriors gathered around teammate ian clark. clark's number was retired by his high school team. the team used germantown school library as a green room to hang
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out before the ceremony. and here is graduation on a plane, folks. the sam houston state football team could not make the ceremony because of a game. so the school brought the ceremony to four seniors. at about 30,000 feet. bittersweet trip though because they lost 65-7 in a play-off to james madison university. doesn't happen every day where you get to graduate on a plane. >> that's right. >> doesn't happen every day you lose 65-7. [ laughter ] >> true. but they got their degree. >> they got their education. >> they have to sit down and put the tray tables and get ready for landing. >> a day to remember. that's it for us at 5:00. we'll see you again at 6:00. news updates always on as well as the latest weather which i think we'll have a look at right now. the "cbs evening news" is next.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> morgan: the next commander in chief at the army-navy game. president-elect trump takes part in an american football tradition but rejects an election interference call against russia. also tonight, snowstorms and bone-chilling temperatures howl across the midwest. where is the arctic invasion headed next? the deaths of dozens of artists and musicians in last week's warehouse fire sent a chill through the underground arts scene. we look at life inside an artist's collective. >> living in spaces like this helps me to feel alive. >> morgan: and it was bob dylan's big day, but the elusive music legend was a nobel no-show.


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